Felony Law as well as Drug Offences

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Have a person or a family member been arrested for any drug criminal offense? If therefore, you have to know this can be a very severe offense. It’s not really something it is possible to manage yourself. You will have to hire a great criminal regulation attorney that knows the actual laws whenever a drug crime may be committed.
Among the reasons why what the law states prosecutes medication criminals therefore heavily happens because violence frequently accompanies the actual crime. Drug addiction is definitely an evil that changes the actual lives as well as personalities of individuals. They perform things they’d not typically do.

Due to all this particular, many says have waged battle – upon drugs as well as offenders. The actual destruction path which medicines forge is actually well-documented. Attorneys who focus on criminal regulation know, a lot more than anyone, what medication addiction can perform to the life along with a family. They function tirelessly to assist the medication addict prevent great loses for example his independence, his loved ones or their life.

If you are convicted of the drug criminal offense, you might face an extended prison phrase, heavy penalties, probation as well as service locally. You should also enroll inside a drug remedy course.

A great attorney could also obtain the plea bargain for that person arrested for that drug criminal offense. A request bargain is definitely an agreement between your prosecutor and also the defendant. The accused agrees in order to plead guilty as a swap for a lower charge. This really is common and it is often accustomed to avoid a good excessively lengthy and costly trial time period.

If you are using medicines, you should be aware of these types of other outcomes:

– You might have a lifelong criminal history.

– Your job opportunities is going to be diminished or might even be removed.

– You might not be in a position to obtain employment again.

– Particular licenses is going to be unobtainable for example driving particular vehicles or running a firearm.

– You might not be capable of geting a journey visa.

— Socially, you might be discriminated against inside your neighborhood or even with friends as well as family.

– After your time and effort of sentencing is actually up, should you ever get imprisoned again, you will be dubbed the repeat offender as well as your penalties is going to be stiffer.

A term of advice should you or someone you realize has already been charged having a drug criminal offense – do not make an additional move till you’ve contacted a lawyer.

It’s already been estimated which almost 70% of individuals already within prison in the usa are there because of drug-related offences. Whether your own crime relates to marijuana, disbursing drugs, promoting to children or having any narcotic, a felony law lawyer is who you will have to defend your own case. Even though you’ve already been charged having a drug criminal offense, you nevertheless have rights based on the Constitution. You must have those privileges protected.

Causes of Criminal Police force – Goals

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Criminal regulation, also referred to as penal law is really a term accustomed to refer in order to different guideline bodies within distinct jurisdictions. One typical characteristic of those rule bodies may be the propensity with regard to distinct as well as serious choice as punishments with regard to failing in order to comply. Criminal consequence which depends upon the legal system and criminal offense committed range from losing one’s freedom, fines, government supervision for example probation or even parole as well as execution. A lawyer seeks to protect the charged individuals towards such situations. There tend to be various archetypal crimes for example murder. It’s worth observing the not allowed acts aren’t completely constant between unique criminal rules. However, actually in particular codes, the lines might be unclear. The reason being civil refractions will also be likely to produce criminal final results. In the majority of instances, it’s the government which enforces felony law. This really is unlike municipal law that could be put in place by personal parties.
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Punishments associated with Criminal Regulation Violation

Criminal law differs for 2 reasons; the failing to endure its regulations and also the uniquely serious possible final results. Each criminal offense is made up of what might be imposed in a variety of jurisdictions for probably the most severe crimes. Physical outcomes might be imposed. Nevertheless, these final results are forbidden in many parts from the universe. Based on one’s legal system, individuals might be in a variety of conditions. Incarceration might be solitary. The actual confinement time period

could end up being as short as you day and so long as one’s whole life. Supervision through the government such as house busts, confiscating home and cash from people convicted associated with offenses might be imposed. Furthermore, offenders might be obligated to comply with specialized rules included in the probation as well as parole program.

By consequence, there tend to be five broadly accepted objectives within the enforcement associated with criminal law that the attorney seeks to protect offenders towards. These tend to be retribution, incapacitation, prevention, restitution as well as rehabilitation. Nevertheless, it may be worth noting that with regards to the value positioned on every one of them, jurisdictions vary.

Objectives associated with Criminal Police force

Retribution — Offenders should undergo some type of suffering. This is actually the objective most often seen. Offenders are thought to not just have triggered unfair detriment upon others but additionally to took unacceptable upper-hand. Appropriately, an attorney by using criminal regulation is believed to put the actual offenders within an unpleasant drawback hence managing out the actual scales. Individuals submit to law in order to gain the best not to become killed. In the event that individuals flout the actual laws, they provide up the actual rights directed at them through the laws. Consequently, individuals that kill can also be killed. One associated hypotheses offers the correcting the total amount idea.

Deterrence — Individual deterrence is supposed at particular criminals.

The intention here’s to enforce adequate punishment in order to discourage offenders through criminal conduct. General deterrence is supposed for everyone. By upon penalties upon offenders, others are delay from committing exactly the same crimes.

Incapacitation – This really is intended to maintain offenders from the public in order to protect society using their delinquency. These days, courts associated with law by using attorneys make use of prison sentences to achieve this.

Felony Law Rules In Cyprus

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Criminal regulation is some regulations which indicate those things the culture disapproves. The criminal incorrect differs through civil incorrect. Precisely, a felony wrong means an motion that inexcusably as well as unacceptably threatens or even causes harm to individuals or even the culture. Criminal law targets protecting culture and dissuade criminal functions, by upon punishments upon people doing these measures. It is actually remarkable which Criminal regulation regulations within Cyprus reflect to some great extend the primary principles as well as major offenses from the English Typical Law.
The actual Criminal Signal (Limit. 154) includes all of the main crimes and felony responsibilities. However, the Felony Procedure Regulation (Limit. 155), regulates all of the matters associated with criminal procedures. Precisely, the structure from the Criminal Process Law envisions to supply support to any or all significant provisions from the Constitution from the Republic associated with Cyprus, the Western Convention associated with Human Rights along with other international treaties. This ensures the use of the law in a manner that protects the actual rights from the citizens and simultaneously is not really preventing the actual protection of people from felony wrongs and also the conferment associated with justice.

Felony Responsibility as well as Proceedings:

Before proceeding using the general felony responsibility recommendations in Cyprus, it ought to be clarified that the individual under age 10 can’t be held criminally responsible for any criminal offense committed. Following a provisions from the Constitution from the Republic associated with Cyprus, every person charged by having an offense is recognized as as becoming innocent till proven responsible. Therefore, the criminal prosecution must prove how the accused person is responsible beyond any kind of reasonable question. That would be to say, the responsibility of evidence falls about the prosecution aspect. In add-on, it ought to be highlighted which criminal obligation and/or sanctions tend to be imposed only when there is a obvious criminal purpose.

Usually, the felony prosecutions tend to be instituted through the state. Based on the Constitution, the Lawyer General from the Republic, who’s an impartial officer from the government, might institute, carry out, take more than, continue as well as discontinue any kind of proceedings to have an offense against anyone in the actual Republic associated with Cyprus. In addition, the Law enforcement may start proceedings with the District Divisional Commander from the Police in line with the provisions from the Police Regulation (Limit. 285). These cases are apt to have a open public element plus they are always underneath the supervision associated with Attorney Common.

Precisely, within Cyprus, felony justice is actually enforced through:

District Legal courts
Assize Courtroom
Supreme Courtroom of Cyprus
There’s a wide range of functions that consist of a felony wrong and therefore are punishable within the Republic associated with Cyprus, a number of them are the following:

Violent criminal offense
Lovemaking assault
Drug trafficking as well as possession
Scams and cash laundering
Driving while intoxicated and additional road visitors offenses

Felony Law – The number of Criminals Reside in Your Community?

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Criminal regulation always follows following civil regulation and generally the federal government will file case in the civil trial isn’t successful. there the many crimes that come under the group of criminal law for example treason as well as espionage that falls in to crimes against anyone state. Should you rape, murder or even assault this particular falls right into a crime against anyone person. It enables you to punish the one who has dedicated a crime be it against anyone or any kind of state. There tend to be many attorneys that focus on criminal law and when you may need an attorney you need to find one which knows this kind of law.
Learning regarding criminal law is simple to do after you have the correct material to teach yourself. In some instances you may reside in a community and wish to know if you will find any authorized criminals which live in your town. You can use the internet and look for a police report search that will help you understand this information. It is definitely advisable for you to definitely be knowledgeable and understand what the laws and regulations are to ensure that your family can end up being protected. Oftentimes someone that commits a offense will need to stand test and take whatever consequence the courtroom decides.

Remember there are lots of reasons that you should educate your self about felony law. You might have defined a lawyer one day time they will help you or a relative who might be in difficulty. It is definitely best to locate a lawyer who’s an expertise with this particular section of law.

What lengths Should Police force Be permitted to Go In order to Catch Crooks?

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Let me personally pose the question. Perform the finishes justify the actual means? Nicely do these people? If which question had been asked of america Drug Enforcement Agency they’d probably don’t have any problem responding to. It will be a yes. It might be an emphatic indeed with alarms on.
Now I’ve a large problem with the truth that they don’t have any problem. I actually do. In my personal view there’s never a period when doing anything, to obtain a result, could be justified. Foibles and laws affect the great guys in a similar way they apply towards the baddies. Therefore never is actually my solution. But I am not here to inform you things to think. Let me personally outline the actual scenario and you will answer which question on your own.

The Ough. S. DEA has been taken in order to court after establishing a phony Facebook accounts using actual photographs and private information seized in the mobile phone of the New You are able to woman.

To become fair, the girl concerned had been arrested within July 2010 upon charges associated with possession along with intent in order to distribute cocaine. She had been accused to be part of the drug submission network operate by the woman’s boyfriend. The court public records show your woman pleaded guilty to some conspiracy cost and had been sentenced in order to time currently served in addition to community detention.

She might have been sentenced alive imprisonment but rather she obtained a considerably reduced sentence in substitution for a request agreement exactly where she recognized being the main drug syndicate. The court public records clearly display she took part in jailhouse discussions with co-conspirators therefore it was a smart choice to beg guilty.

But this is a critical stage. The records don’t show which she decided to testify against some of her co-conspirators. Quite simply she didn’t agree to assist the DEA within busting others. Which can make what occurred next fairly troubling as well as perplexing.

The DEA bought her private cell phone and utilized it to setup a phony Facebook accounts in the woman’s name. In so doing it wished to trick her buddies and affiliates into exposing incriminating medication secrets. The phony Facebook account appeared as if the genuine article. It incorporated photos from the woman posing seductively about the hood of the BMW convertible. It showed a detailed up photo from the woman as well as her relative and nephew. She seemed to write which she skipped her boyfriend and also to make this look 100 % authentic your woman even utilized his nickname within the post.

Now the girl at the middle of this situation, has filed case in that she statements the fake social networking account was made by the DEA broker. The ALL OF US Justice Division says within response that as the woman didn’t directly authorize the actual DEA agent to complete what he or she did, she inch implicitly agreed by granting use of the info stored within her mobile phone and through consenting to using that information to assist in… continuing criminal research. ”

Now once again I have no idea about a person but We don’t discover that justification especially convincing. The Rights Department can also be arguing how the Facebook accounts was private and never publicly observed by just about all Facebook customers. But once again I neglect to see how that could really make a difference.

Defending your Concepts with Intellectual Property Law

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Today’s economic system rests on creative concepts and real items. Possessing intellectual property law to defend your creative concepts will keep other individuals from benefiting from the work you placed in it.When Facebook.com is released with its preliminary public offering, the social media marketing company is anticipated to make around $100 billion. That’s quite great for an enterprise whose selling point is sharing info through a propriety system. It is not surprising individuals have made an effort to either copy Facebook.com or take legal action against Mark Zuckerberg for presumably taking the creative concept from them. Without intellectual property law, there would be more Facebook.com clones in existence, and it would not be how it’s these days.

Law 24
The state of Intellectual Property these days
In the past, two things agencies had to worry about were somebody defrauding them and their items or machines being robbed. Dupery remains as one of the top fears of agencies these days, but any patent attorney sees that intellectual property (IP) theft is a growth sector.
Besides Facebook.com, several of the greatest technology firms have been stockpiling on patents and suing each other for believed transgressions. The truth is, Google is currently caught up in a situation with Oracle over something related.
With millions at risk, all people from the primary technological firms to teenagers are investing in intellectual property law for proper protection. More individuals are aiming to steal IP over the last few years, many of whom might be your business employers and affiliates.
Why defend your creative concepts
Numerous accounts of success in recent years are about creative concepts. The rise of Apple’s App Store is just a good example of how profitable a good idea can be, with several individuals becoming successful almost right away with the suitable idea. Harry Potter and Twilight have made billionaires of their authors.
You need to get intellectual property law behind your concept since you do not want other individuals benefitting from it. It’s the same as the co-worker who takes the credit, promotion, and even bigger salary for work that you did. It’s tough to make a problem against your co-worker, but with a patent at hand for your creative concepts and layouts, and a patent legal professional at your side, you could make a stand against piracy of your work.
You do not even have to work to sell your idea because a good idea sells itself. Companies will approach you with offers to use your intellectual property or buy it from you. With the protection of intellectual property law, you might be offered less or they might buy the copycat’s version.

Special creative concepts are also a significant advantage against competing firms. You’ll find three major search engines these days but Google is not only at the lead but is also a cultural icon. If the technological innovation that make Google the best internet search engine around weren’t patented, it could never have become as massive and strong as it’s these days.With intellectual property law keeping it secured, you stand to profit much from your idea, should it truly be groundbreaking. Without its protection, other individuals will try to make money out of all your hard work, if not outright claim that your idea was theirs to begin with.

Dealing With the Break Up of a Marriage or Common Law Unions

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Marriage is simple divorce never is. This may sound trite but is in fact fairly true. Traditionally marriage has been performed in a church (synagogue/temple) by a licensed marriage officer. Failing that marriage may take place in a court area or a garden or anywhere that one couple wishes with or without a ceremony but always with one presence of a licensed marriage officer.

The Marriage license is the key. It recognizes that 2 individuals are now a formal entity and confers certain rights and duties to each other and to society since well as to the state, United States as well as everywhere else anywhere on earth the couple happen to be. In modern times the laws surrounding marriage have been complicated by the implementation of pre-nuptial agreements which, if carefully prepared define and protect both partners’ rights duties and possessions. The Houston Divorce Attorney conversant in family law and in prenuptial agreements should be appointed to draw up one agreement. Their interest is to ensure that they achieve what is fair and best for their clients.
The dissolution of that contract of marriage requires legal steps which can be fairly straightforward or become terribly complex and acrimonious. Again the Houston Divorce Lawyer specializes in these matters and their skill and expertise ensures that the rights of their clients are safeguarded.
But what about common law “marriages”? one state of Texas recognizes that many couples co-habit and act as if they are married without going through the legal formalities of getting a marriage license. the requirements for recognition of these as informal marriages is that one couple alive together in Texas and represent to themselves and to others that they are married. It is a voluntary arrangement with no time limit involved.
Inevitably in such relationships things get involved over time. Each will contribute to the household, children might be born and they may acquire property and incur debts in the same way any other married couple does.

If this informal or general law marriage breaks up for any reason they do not have to go to court to dissolve one union. But moving out of a common law marriage doesn’t just end there. There are certain obligations and formalities that have to be dealt with. If children were born during cohabitation the male will be presumed to be the father and will therefore have duties as well as rights. Child support will be expected, and will therefore be awarded as per ordinary Texas family law. 20% of net value of the father for one 1 child and up to 40% for 5 or more children born during the liaison is the going rate. He will have parenting duties and visitation rights.
Property division is another area that may need winding up. Each partner will have property that they owned prior to cohabitation and there will be some that they have co-ownership of having acquired it since becoming partners. This division is best done by mutual agreement. If this is not likely then a family law firm to represent the parties should be appointed thus ensuring that their client gets a fair and equitable settlement.

Dallas Family Law Attorney

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Aspects of Family Law practiced by a Dallas Law Firm
Matters of the dissolution of marriage and all aspects of conservatorship and child support are aspects of Family law that requires a lot of expertise.There are, however, many other parts of family law where expertise is require. Areas such the grandparent’s rights in divorce, the relocation of the children, Alimony, Premarital agreements and the validity of post marital agreements are some of these.

Law 2

Pre- and Post marital Agreements.
In a Prenuptial agreement the parties intending to get married lay out the rights and duties of each spouse in the contract of marriage. To be enforceable they have to be signed prior to the actual nuptials taking place. There is no set format for a prenuptial agreement and the terms may vary dramatically depending on the circumstances of the parties at the time. Because of the long term possible effects of hastily signing such an agreement both parties are strongly advised to get legal representation to clearly spell out the significance of the terms. Experts in representing their clients in the drawing up of prenuptial agreements should be appointed to ensure that any pre-nuptial agreement is just and fair.
Post nuptial agreements tend to be more difficult to enforce in the courts. Nevertheless, if the marriage is in trouble or going through attempts to reconcile a post marital agreement may be entered into to outline what will happen in the event of a divorce. Experts at handling such matters should be appointed..
Spousal Maintenance (Alimony).
This is uncommon in Texas and only possible in a very limited set of circumstance where a marriage of over 10 years duration ends in divorce and the other party was guilty of a judgment of domestic violence within 2 years of the divorce. In these circumstances Spousal maintenance is possible and nn experienced attorney with lots of experience in Family Law matters should be found to advise their clients and represent them in hearings.
The dissolution of a homosexual relationship.
Single sex marriages are not recognized by the State of Texas. Nevertheless it has now become possible for partners to contract with each other. In the drawing up of the contract of cohabitation and the winding up thereof it is advisable to have family law attorneys with experience and expertise in these matters.
Child Relocation.

If the conservator needs to relocate away from a place where the non custodial parent can no longer easily exercise their visitation and parental rights a whole lot of issues come into consideration. Legal representation is vital in either case and an experienced and competent family law firm should be appointed. In any event it is the requirement of the moving parent to return to court to apply for a relocation amendment. The judge may or may not grant such a request or may do so adding costs to be borne by the relocating parent because of the additional expense of maintaining a parental relationship with the child.
Dallas Family Law Attorneys with skill and expertise in these fields may be appointed to ensure that the rights of each individual are cared for.

Duelling and the History of the Law of Defamation

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During the 18th century the common law of defamation and continue to develop in accordance with the customs and social changes at times. However, insults of slurs upon reputations rotten still resolved by dual. It was a practice which had become common in the 15th century when it was fashionable where restored. The gentleman who considered that he had been dishonoured could only restore his honour by issuing a challenge in fighting the men who are dishonoured him. This was called the code of honour. An unforgivable insult could take many forms such as a slur on reputation or a slow on a wife or daughter’s reputation. A slap or a blow was also considered awful offence. However, the most serious provocation was giving the lie. It was regarded as so shameful to be called a liar that there was no other way of restoring one’s honour them by dual.

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On any day of the code of honour pose the possibility of violent death which could be swift and southern there were strict rules applied to the Sydney the challenge and selection of weapons. A person decide which is a friend to deliver the challenge and act as a second. A discreet second could settle the dispute by negotiation and acceptance that there had been a misunderstanding. If the insult had only been slight honour might be satisfied by an exchange of shots or the first wound. If the insult was serious jewel was fought on to one of the jewels was killed or seriously wounded. Often the second would be the type of person who would not only propel his friend individual but also challenge the opponent second is part of the affair.
In England, the choice of weapon lay with the challenge party. The sword was mostly used initially heavy swords with the edge was used to cut until the other fencing emerged in the light sword, the rate here, emphasising speed rather than force use the point of a sword rather than the edge. The data required we used in defence. By the mid-18th-century duelling pistol had begun to replace a sword and was accepted as a terror weapon with neither jewellers having a physical advantage over the other. Adverse pistols were notoriously inaccurate and could not shoot straight leaving many jewels resolved without lawful injury. In 1613 James I had made duelling illegal under the proclamation against private challenges and combats. In instead, either a prosecution of criminal libel could be brought or an action for defamation to provide damages consolidation and vindication to the plaintiff. These were heard in the Star chamber until 1641. Despite these duly maintained its popularity with Covent garden and Lincoln’s Inn Fields in London being popular duelling grounds.
Jewels were fought at dusk or dawn to avoid detection. However at times there were public spectacles. In Paris in 1808 the jewellers agreed to fight in balloons and took off in a field near the town. With a great crowd attendance the balloons ascended in the jewellers reach a height of about 900 yards and was within about 80 yards of each other one fired a blunderbuss at the other without result. The other five is piece which penetrated his opponents blew it quickly fell in crash killing both the jewellers and his second. The law had difficulty dealing with the custom. In the reign of George III there were 172 jewels for in which 91 people were killed and only two were convicted of the killings. In 1803 Capt McNamara of the Royal Navy shot Lt Col Montgomery of the ninth Regiment of foot in a duel. The duel arose after an incident on 6 April 1803 when both were horseriding in Hyde Park followed by the dogs. As their paths crossed their dogs set upon each other. Col Montgomery separated them saying €whose dog is that? I will knock him down! €Capt McNamara responded €have the arrogance to say you will knock my dog down? € Afterwards exchanged and Montgomery said that this is not a proper place to argue the matter and if you feel yourself injured and seek satisfaction you know where to find me.
Two hours later they met at Primrose Hill and fired at each other less than 10 paces apart. Col Montgomery was shot through the heart and diet. Capt McNamara was wounded in the heat. Within days career Link West was held to determine whether Capt McNamara should stand trial for murder. The jury was directed to where two persons need to fight without having had sufficient time to call upon the quarrel in the event of the death of one the crime of murder cannot be charged against the other. The jury returned a verdict Capt McNamara should stand trial for manslaughter on the trial was held on 22 April 1803. Lord Nelson and the other lords of the Admiralty gave evidence of the defender’s reputation as a gentleman. To McNamara was allowed to sit due to the pain of his wound and address the jury in a slow and tremulous tone is scarcely to be heard.
€Gentlemen I am a captain in the British Navy. My character you can hear only from others but to maintaining character in that station I must be respected. When called upon to lead others into a honourable danger must not be supposed to be a man who had sought safety by submitting to what customers taught others to consider it as a disgrace. It is impossible to define in terms, the proper feelings of a gentleman, but their existence has supported this happy country from many ages and she might perish if they were lost.

€ The jury returned a verdict of not guilty after 20 min deliberation. During this period to duels invoked English prime ministers William Kidd and the Duke of Wellington. In both duels, the opponents fight each other without effect and accepted that honour had been satisfied. Duelling gradually fell out of favour by the mid-19th-century jury in part to the full to the full by newly established police force which could keep peace and maintain order. It was also due to a change in fashion as trousers replaced breaches and swords or pistols were no longer worn as part of dress.

Different Kinds of Loss Claims Under the Personal Injury Law

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Have you ever had to apply the Personal Injury Law at one point in your life? If not, then consider yourself lucky because s the presumption is that you have never had an injury so grave as to send you to court. Either that or you just never had the idea to bring it to court.The Personal Injury Law is a legal remedy specifically designed to come to the aid of victims of unfortunate accidents, caused by another person’s negligence or lack of due diligence. This is an important avenue for those who would like to claim for reparation and damages for the injuries that they incurred.

University of Chicago Law Students Focus on Police Accountability
There are many types of personal injuries, including but not limited to the following cases: vehicular accidents, work accidents, medical accidents (dental or surgical), accidents sustained on a holiday, and product defects. If you think that you have a case for personal injury, just be sure to take note of the time limitation. Depending on where you are, the law may stipulate it to 3 years, wherein you can file your claim. After that, the right to claim is considered as lapsed, and therefore you cannot bring the case to court anymore. It is therefore important that you act on it the soonest and quickest time possible.
There are exceptions to that general rule, of course, one of which is that the court may be the one to waive the time limitation, should the case be justified. Again, this is a case-to-case basis and is fully dependent on the court’s discretion. To play it safe, however, it would be a good idea to get in touch with a lawyer specializing in personal injury lawyer the soonest time possible so that you can get started ASAP on your claims. It’s not going to be an easy journey, after all, what with the defendants expected to try and thwart the potential court order of paying up for compensation and damages.

As mentioned earlier, the Personal Injury Law was designed specifically for the benefit of those people who sustained injury on their person on account of someone else’s negligence. Personal injury need not take merely a physical form, but it can also be emotional or even mental. The suffering and pain attached to the injury can prove to be very dramatic for the person, especially if it results to a drastic change in his lifestyle.
For example, athletes who get into accidents, resulting to them not being able to play their sport anymore, can claim for loss of amenity. It’s not just a job for them, it is also a passion. It is a driving force that has kept them going for most of their life. To suddenly lose the ability to play their sport is surely going to be a huge blow on their part.Meanwhile, those who get injured and therefore are hindered from doing the job that they used to have, for example, a model losing a leg, can claim for loss of congenial employment. As you can see, there are many different kinds of claims that fall under the Personal Injury Law. It would be ideal if you consult with a lawyer for it so that you can be well-informed as to what exactly applies to your case, if that scenario should ever occur.