Unfortunately, for drivers everywhere, the risk of having an accident whilst driving is always present. You can minimize the risk of an accident through safe driving, adhering to speed limits, traffic signals and not making reckless decisions, this will however, only minimize your risk. There is no way of predicting the mistakes of others that can involve you and your car and even the safest driver on Earth could find themselves in car accident through no fault of their own. If you should be unfortunate enough to be in any type of accident on the road then here are some steps for how to handle it.


Stay Calm

Easier said than done of course but the most important thing to do after any car collision is to stay as calm as possible. Your mind will be racing after an accident, it is an unnatural occurrence and your body will enter in to shock mode. Take some deep breaths to help you to comprehend what has happened, make sure that you or any other passengers have no injuries before you get out of the car.

Check the Damage

Once you’re out of the car it is time to check what damage has been caused, if the car is still drivable then move it to a safe place, away from the road or into a side street to prevent any further danger to other drivers. If the accident involved another car then check on the driver and passengers of the other vehicle. Once you know that everyone is ok, walk all the way around the car to see the extent of the damage before taking your next step.

Get on the Phone

Once you have the car in a safe place and checked that nobody is seriously injured you should call the police first and find out if you need to have an officer present. If your car is not drivable then call roadside assistance to have them move your car out of harms way. If another vehicle was involved then before calling your car insurance, you need to exchange the following information from the other driver

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Address
  • Car make, model and license
  • If it’s a company car then obtain company name and numbers

Once you have all of these details then you can call your insurer, if you prefer, you can do this when you get home as you will first need to work out what you will do with your vehicle. If the car is drivable then take it straight to a garage to avoid any further damage, if it is not then consider calling local garages with recovery services to come and collect the vehicle. If you have been injured in the accident then it may be worthcalling a lawyer as soon as posible to give your case the best chance, a recent accident in Philly left me with whiplash and I found some Philadelphia car accident lawyers swiftly who helped me to win some moneyfrom my case.

In order to get yourself home, it is best if you call family or friends, it is important after an accident that you have someone to talk to about it and someone to calm you down once you get home. Don’t beat yourself up if the accident was your fault and make sure that you drive again as soon as possible to avoid it becoming something that you are afraid of.